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Beaver RX 550 Plus


Two Seat Beaver

The Beaver RX550 Plus is true value for money. It is the highest performing, most rugged and economical two place light sport aircraft in its class on the market today! The Beaver RX550 Plus represents the best value in sport aviation and is perfect for light sport training. It has one of the lowest build times, the highest useful load, and most gentle handling qualities of most any aircraft in its class. It is perfect for low time pilots who want to carry passengers.

Standard Kit Price: Not Yet Available

Standard Kit Package includes everything you need to build and fly:

Beaver RX550 Plus fuselage pod, airframe, wings, empennage and All Parts Inventory*

ROTAX 582 engine with B gear box

Engine accessories

Basic Instrument Package, including exhaust gas temperature, cylinder head temperature, and RPM gauges

GSC – 3 blade, ground adjustable (customer may choose alternative propeller types)

Complete PolyFiber covering system for wings and empennage

Handling, packaging and crating of kit, does not include shipping costs, will ship most anywhere in the world

Complete illustrated instructions with help line

Beaver RX550 Plus Specifications:

Type: Tri-Gear (with ground handling tail wheel), Swept Mono High Wing (detachable)

Length: 20 ft., 8 in.

Height: 6 ft., 8 in.

Wing Span: 32 ft.

Wing Area: 154.4 sq. ft.

Seats: 2 in tandem

Empty Weight: 430 lbs.

Gross Weight: 1050 lbs.

Useful Load: 620 lbs.

Fuel Capacity: 10 U.S. Gallons

Build time: average estimate 180 to 200 hours

Design Loan Factors: Plus 4G, Minus 2 G

VNE: 105 MPH

Top Level Speed: 85 mph

Cruise Speed: 73 mph

Power Off Stall Speed: 37 mph

Rate of Climb: 1050 fpm

Take Off Distance: approximately 200 ft

Service Ceiling: 15,000 MSL

The Beaver RX550 Plus does not qualify as an “ultralight” aircraft under U.S. federal Aviation Regulations Part 103.

*All Parts Inventory (API) includes (a) all AN hardware and rivets, (b) all fittings, (c) internal and external struts, (d) landing gear, including rims, tires, brakes, (e) seats and seat belts and (f) selected engine mount. Wings and empennage come pre-assembled. All parts are pre-measured, pre-drilled or machined, cut and ready for assembly.

Polyfiber” is a registered trademark of Consolidate Aircraft Coverings, Inc.

All specifications relate to kit as advertised with Rotax 582. Performance specifications vary with engine type. Tests conducted with pilot weight of 160 lbs and full fuel load at 2,500 ft. ASL.


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