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On 27 June 2021, a Chinook Plus 2 powered by a 912 UL engine modified with the DR Landing Gear System had an engine failure flying over the bush of the Yukon. The pilot sustained serious injuries. Post crash investigations determined the engine failed due to fuel starvation. It is believed that the fuel tanks used were old ASAP fuel tanks with old ASAP pick up tubes. PLEASE SEE FUEL CONTAMINATION ADVISORY ISSUED BY ASAP IN JULY OF 2004 below. We urge each Chinook owner to follow the fuel contamination advisory and note that the old ASAP strut tanks are subject to degradation if kept in the sunlight and the pickup tube can be encrusted with dried fuel causing fuel starvation. The strut tanks built by AMPLANES from 2017 and after are made with different materials not subject to the same degradation in sunlight.

If your Chinook has been sitting all winter long without regular run ups, WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO FOLLOW THE ADVISORY HERE. Please contact us with any questions regarding this urgent notice.

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We offer the lowest price for the highest performing aircraft in our class. The quality of our parts and kits and ease of construction is paramount to our business and your success as a builder/pilot. Your dream and passion for building and flying your own aircraft is a shared dream and passion of ours. We are with you throughout the building process from start to finish.

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2-stroke model with DR Gear System option

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